History of C

'C' seems to be a strange name for programming languages. But this strange word is one of the most popular languages in today's computers because it is a structured, high-level, machine-specific language. This allows software developers to develop programs where they will be applied without having to worry about hardware platforms.

Importance of C

Sample Program

#include <stdio.h>  // header file
int main()  // main function
  printf("Hello World!"); // shows output
  return 0;

The main Function

main is a part of each C program. C allows different forms of the main statement. The following forms are approved.

Blank pairs of parentheses indicate that the function has no logic. This can be clearly indicated by using the word void inside the first bracket. We can specify the word int or void before the word main. The keyword void means that the function does not return any data to the operating system, which means that the function returns an integer value to the operating system. The last statement of the program must be "return 0" if int is specified. For the sake of simplicity, we use the second form in our programs.

Just Remainder