Bootstrap 4 Quiz

Your are right.

1. Which class is used to create card headers in Bootstrap 4?

2. Which class is used to insert a link on Bootstrap 4 card?

3. In which class is bootstrap 4 card used to insert normal text?

4. Bootstrap 4 Which class will it take to keep many cards in the same line?

5. Which class do I need to put a divider inside the Bootstrap 4 dropdown menu?

6. Which class does it take to right align the bootstrap 4 dropdown menu?

7. Bootstrap 4 What does "data-toggle" have to do with any element collapse?

8. To add the Bootstrap 4 dropdown menu to the right side, which other class should be added to the .dropdown class?

9. Which class should we use to write plain text in Bootstrap 4 dropdown?

10. Bootstrap 4 What is the difference between .card-group and .card-deck classes?

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