Stock Management System

Title Stock Management System
Technology .NET
Language C#,T-SQL
Database Sql Server 2019


It provides to maintain the different types of stock data such as medicine name, cosmetics goods name etc. It has different types of module such as:

  1. User Interface: Where User or Owner can interact with proper authentication.
  2. Daily Business Reports: It provides daily profit and loss information, daily stock information, daily expenses and daily turnover report to the owner.
  3. Database Copy and Use: To avoid the Database crash, it can copy the database end of the transaction and it can reuse after then.
  4. The project is broken into three parts which is known as UI layer, Business Layer and Database Layer.

UI Layer : The User can interact through this layer and also can entry different type of forms.

Bussiness Layer : This Layer is based on different validation techniques.

Database Layer : This Layer contains all the functional activity with the Database. So only this Layer which can directly work with Database.