Hotel Management System Services

Hotel management system is an application that is used to maintain the overall activities of the hotel. It will also help the customers to enjoy a smart way of service that they would get from particular hotel. It can maintain the customer of the hotel. It It can also help in providing discounts to the customer who have visited the hotel many number of times. The customer can check whether the rooms are available in the particular hotel of their wish.

Title Hotel Management System
Technology .NET
Language C#,T-SQL
Database Sql Server 2019


Both administrator and Employee can operate this system through login into system. All type of module like Check In, Checkout, Cask Bank, Room Detail, Daily Entry Detail, Employee Detail, Leave Application Detail, Cost, Attendance Summary etc are presented within these systems.

UI Layer : The User can interact through this layer and also can entry different type of forms.

Business Layer : This Layer is based on different validation techniques.

Database Layer : This Layer contains all the functional activity with the Database. So only this Layer which can directly work with Database.